Top 3 Myths About PPC

It’s easy to understand why PPC can be perceived as a minefield but when done right, PPC is a great marketing tactic. It can give your business the online boost it needs, but many shy away from PPC thanks to the misconception built up around it. We’ve compiled the top 3 myths that prevent businesses from using PPC advertising, and why you should ignore them.

Myth #1 – “It’s expensive…”

This has to be the most common myth for PPC, and the most used excuse for businesses to avoid it. We understand that return on investment (ROI) is the most important factor for a business and you need to be able to make a positive ROI for PPC to be worth it. However, PPC does not have to be expensive, nor do you need a huge budget.

Yes, we admit there are some horror stories of expensive keywords floating about, but this is from people not using PPC in the right way. The type of keywords you use to trigger your ads is what influences your ROI. The more specific keywords you use, the further down the conversion funnel you can target and generally the cheaper the keywords tend to be.

This means you can target users who have higher intent than others and so the chances of a click transforming into a conversions/lead is higher, leading to a better ROI.

Still worried about spending buckets of money? One thing to take away from this is that you are in total control of the budget. You set the monthly budget, the daily budget and how much you are willing to spend on a single click – all of this is within your control.  

Myth #2 – “There is no way to tell if PPC is paying off…”

Another important myth that has no truth behind it as PPC has extensive tracking methods to make sure it is working for your business. There are many ways to track and measure your PPC goals, but the most effective is to set up granular conversion tracking.

Through conversion tracking we can see how many conversions each ad has generated, exactly where on the website the user converted and so on, and this allows us to see which campaigns/ads/keywords are performing best so that we can put more effort into the ones that really bring the best ROI. 

And what’s more, you set your own goals. Conversion tracking is set up based on your own business goals, which means you define what you want to measure with total transparency. There are no hidden stats in PPC, and all this data is readily available, 24/7.

Myth #3 – “People don’t click on PPC ads so it’s a waste of money…”

This is one of the biggest myth for PPC that we need to dismiss, as again there is little truth behind it. A recent study has shown that 75% of people have said that they are likely to click on an ad because it offers the information they are looking for. People are not afraid to click on an ad, and PPC is the best way to get ahead of the organic search and bring in more traffic.  

A similar study by Google revealed that 88% of ad clicks from the search network aren’t replaced by organic clicks if these ads aren’t running. It is so important for businesses to understand the advantages of having PPC ads, and how, without search ads, they are missing out on vital traffic to their websites and valuable leads.

PPC has proven to be reliable and profitable for all sorts of businesses, and if you are looking to grow your business and expand your presence online, then this is the best route to take. The main thing to take away from this is that you are in total control, in both of what you spend and how you spend it in PPC, especially when you can see real-time results.

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