Going Open Source - Automated Scanning of Landing Pages

People-first automation

Digital advertising is all about efficiency at scale. When accounts are small, it’s a manageable task to keep them straight in your head. As they grow, they quickly become too complex for this strategy to be sustainable.

Where other digital advertising companies might see automation as an easy, scalable substitute for human input, we believe that digital advertising desperately needs a human touch. We want our account managers to spend quality time across our client accounts, make a real improvement month-to-month, and ensure that our clients are getting the best possible return on their investment.

Our account managers are clever and creative people, so we design all of our software to make sure they can quickly and confidently make informed and data-driven decisions. That means providing relevant and concise data at the right part of the management cycle, and ensuring that they can easily identify how to spend their time effectively.

Why are you giving code away for free?

“Well that all sounds great” I hear you say, “but how do we know it’s true?”

As an agency, we’re built on accountability and transparency with our clients, and would like to start giving back to the PPC community. With that in mind, we’ve decided to begin the process making our code open source.

The Google Ads script

This is the first of our scripts which we’re releasing to the public for free. It’s a landing page monitor, which will check all the landing pages in your account, let you know what’s going on, and email if there are any issues.

The formatted email it sends has links to take you directly to any pages with issues, rather than faffing around checking spreadsheets or filtering labels in Google Ads. On top of checking for HTTP status code errors, like many other landing page monitors do, it also checks the body content for customisable error messages. This could be something like “Out of stock!”, or a standard error message from your website’s templating engine.

So go on and use it, it’s free! Just remember to add your email address to the list of notification recipients and set to run every day. If you want more info, check out the relevant readme on Github.