How to Build Brand Trust Through Your Website

Getting Personal with Andrew Grant

It’s been a busy start to 2019 for our web development team - and in March alone we launched two exciting new property websites on the Homeflow platform. Both sites are heavily user-focussed and, further down in this post, I’ll explain how valuable that can be in building ‘brand trust’.

Midlands-based Andrew Grant’s new website - focuses on providing a good user experience (UX). The design uses (what we in the business call) ‘usability heuristics’. Heuristics are used everywhere in design but, in the world of web design, they refer to mental shortcuts which improve user flow by making a site easier to read and navigate. The reliance on iconography, coupled with aesthetic and minimalist design, allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for in a quick and efficient manner.

Along with the usual bells and whistles you get from Homeflow; we’ve engineered the website to personalise content to the user and maximise the whole experience.

1. Customised cookie-driven content

When a new user enters the site; we store little pieces of data about them to help understand their property requirements (i.e. a buyer looking for a 4 bedroom house in Worcester).

Upon returning to the site; we use our data to give users tailor-made content. The user in the example above, for instance, would be shown homepage content blocks explaining the buying process along with suitable 4 bed properties and contact details for the Worcester branch.

2. Saved search alerts

In addition, users who registered with Andrew Grant through the user profile have the ability to save properties and searches. By clicking save a search; users will receive email alerts including new properties in their desired location within their price range.

The sceptics amongst us might be thinking; “Sounds great, but does it really make a difference?!”

Yes, it does - because it makes you more relevant and more trustworthy.